Our Background

Qualified and trustworthy economic leaders are essential to empower Indonesia’s transformation from a developing country to become a developed country. Therefore, a structural efforts are needed to nurture and train the potential youth. Established in October, 2010 StudentsxCEOs will be the “Ground-Zero” From 3 types of “Economic Leaders”

Corporate Leaders


Policy Makers




Berangkat dari kesadaran akan fenomena anak jalanan di Indonesia, ide dan konsep Hoshizora Foundation dipelopori oleh beberapa mahasiswa Indonesia yang sedang belajar di Jepang, yang ingin berbuat sesuatu untuk memastikan setiap anak Indonesia mendapatkan pendidikan yang layak. Perbedaan kehidupan di Jepang dan Indonesia, membuat mereka sadar bahwa dengan menyisihkan uang jajan mereka sehari saja, mereka dapat membantu satu anak Indonesia bersekolah.


Hoshizora Foundation kini berkembang pesat menjadi sebuah yayasan professional independen (NGO) yang berpusat di Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Hoshizora memberikan Beasiswa Mimpi Anak Negeri kepada anak-anak Indonesia yang berprestasi dan mempunyai motivasi tinggi namun mempunyai hambatan dari segi finansial.


Home of balanced and connected economic leaders, pushing the nation towards a developed country


Prepare fellows and alumni as future economic leaders by:

1) Attract Candidate with the same vision and driving motivation

2) Build Capabilities of fellows and alumni for becoming global economic leaders

3) Create Culture of one fraternal organization consists of highly performing individuals and winningteams

4) Deliver Change through repeatable model creating sustainable economic values

Our Value


Strive always to be a leader, both for himself, family, group, and nation


Recognizing that all fellows / alumni are relatives / relatives, please help towards a vision of goodness, wherever / whenever


Our Method


Get inspired from prominent player in business and industries by a private sharing session. Learn from the fellows about some current skilss.


All of our sharing session result will spread to other via Social Media, invite other for becoming guest star, and so on.


Our Division in Stidentsxcoes

We work with 4 division team to get more impact and good models as profesionals


Division to handle our main program like Meet The CEO, School of Idea, and StudentsxCEOs Summit

Marketing & COmmunication

Division to handle marketing and communication StudentsxCEOs. drive branding the organization to the next level.

Human Resource


we from diversity of university to become the future leaders