Our History

StudentsxCEO was founded in 2010 by Mohammad Iqbal. He was a student at Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Urban and Regional Planning, although he enjoyed his time at ITB his passion was in the area of business, a misaligned from his studies.

He knew he wanted to know more about business, but he did not know where to start. After discussing with his peers, he found that they also faced the same dilemma. Finding friends with similar passion gave him the inspiration to learn and grow together with them.

This is the essence of StudentsxCEOs: A group of ambitious individuals who seek to grown and collaborate with like-minded peers and leaders of business industries.”¬†

Our Vision

Home of balanced and connected economic leaders, pushing the nation towards a developed country

Our Mission

Prepare fellows and alumni as future economic leaders by:

  1. Attract Candidate with the same vision and driving motivation
  2. Build Capabilities of fellows and alumni for becoming global economic leaders
  3. Create Culture of one fraternal organization consists of highly performing individuals and winning teams
  4. Deliver Change through repeatable model creating sustainable economic values

Our Values




Our Divisions



Marketing Communication

Human Resource

Our members are from a divers range of university across Indonesia