Meet the Jakarta Team!


Our team is compromise of four divisions. Each division is lead by a chief (COO, CFO, CMO, CHRO) which reports to the CEO & General Secretary. Each team have four staff which are entrusted to lead a project. Our approach in StudentsxCEOs Jakarta is a bottom-up approach which aims to empower the staff.


The Board of Director are the supervisors in StudentsxCEOs, together they lead, oversee, guide, and mentor the staff members. The BODs position are primarily reserved for internal member, to promote former staff to leadership position. As a BOD member, you are given a chance to learn how to be a leader as well to design your own program for each respective division.

Each BODs are required to set their divisional programs objective as well as timeline, while the staffs are given the autonomy to design the specifics of the projects.


Operations team execute our external flagship programs: Meet the CEO and School of Ideas.

Meet the CEO is a seminar format event where we invite a guest speaker to share his or her experience running a business. School of Idea a workshop format event where attendees can learn from experts to enhance his or her soft as well as hard skill.


Our finance team is part of the support the division, they are the gatekeeper for money management in StudentsxCEOs.


The marcomm division is the second support the division, they help ensure our communication runs smoothly for external partners as well as our core audience.


The HR team runs the flagship program for our internal member, from recruitment, to bonding, to training and development our HR team ensures smooth sailing for inter-department communication.