Im delightedly welcome the initiative from these fellow yougsters in StudentsxCEOs, who always innovatively put up activities in order to prepare Indonesian college students to become future business leaders.

Hasnul Suhaimi

CEO, PT XL Axiata

Even I was ovewhelemed by these students’ frame of mind, along with their manner and determination to get themselves ready to become future leaders. Hats off for them!.

Josef Batoana

HR Director, PT Indofood

Saya selalu senang bertemu anak muda yang terutama pinter, yang punya ambisi menjadi besar. tetapi, pesan saya cuma satu, indonesia butuh orang yang punya hati. jadi saya harap. teman-teman studentsxCEOs bisa terus berbagai,

Yansen Kamto

CEO, Kibar

“Forum yg bermanfaat utk belajar mengenai bisnis. Full of bright, talented, driven young people. Maju terus @StudentsxCEOs !“

John Riady

Director, Lippo Group